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What Benefits Will You Get When You Read My Book?

  • ​Understand The Core Principles of Arnis, Escrima, and Kali Used By The Legendary Warriors Of The Archipelago.
  • ​Apply Filipino Martial Arts To Real-Life Self-Defense
  • Discover ​Simple Teaching Tips To Help You And Your Students "GET IT"
  • ​​​Join A Vibrant And Supportive Community Of Martial Artists, Both In The Philippines And Around The World

What Are Others Already Saying About '5 Angles?'

I've been training aspects of Filipino Martial Arts for the last 30 years. It seems like every system in which I trained incorporated some elements of FMA, or was obviously influenced by it. Frustratingly, however, it is often difficult to tell which books on FMA are worth your time and which will simply confuse you further.

That is not a problem with 5 Angles. Frank Delo speaks from extensive experience and gives you the benefit of his insight into the fundamental principles of FMA, not just from the perspective of a student, but from that of a teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who is considering training in FMA (or whose system of choice has been influenced by Filipino Martial Arts). An excellent book by an excellent person.

- P.E.

CINCO TEROS!!! This is square one of Filipino Martial Arts system. Frank Delos’ 5 Angles is about angles of attack, situational awareness, nutrition, and family. The intro to Cinco Teros he gives us is a cheat code for beginners of FMA, and the salty combat effective. I recommend 5 Angles to anyone interested in expanding their self defense understanding.

- C.C.

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